Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Good day!

Although I am not quite ready to go home, today was another good day. I am up to writing my post again. There were several good things today. The best news is that my WBC was up to 1.5 today which was a pretty good improvement. My temperature continues at about 100.3 or so but no more spikes. My rash is clearing up and I do feel a little better each day. My diarrhea has improved a lot but is still a worry to me. I am walking more and seem to be getting a little stronger.

All is not perfect, though, as I continue to have a lot of swelling and mucositis (Swelling of the tissues of the mouth and throat). I also began having some bleeding in my mouth today. After checking with the doctor they have decided to give me more platelets tonight. I still cannot swallow much. Even taking a sip of water can sometimes choke me up.

I am hoping to get well enough to be home for Thanksgiving when all my kids will be home and the whole family can be together. It is looking better everyday!!!

I continue to be amazed and gratified at how many people care. All of the prayers seem to be helping so keep them up. I hope I can continue to be worthy of them. Most of all I would like to Thank Our Wonderful Lord for this wouldn't be possible without him!!!

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