Thursday, November 8, 2007

A better day

Doc thinks it was a better day today since he was able to get up and get a bath. He hasn’t really felt up to one for a few days. He also was able to get up and walk around the room a couple of times today. He hasn’t done that for quite a few days either. His temperature is still a problem. Doc’s temperature was up to 103.2° early this morning, but it was down most of the day around 100°. Now it is back up to 101.3°. We are still on that roller coaster. Unfortunately the vomiting occurred again today, but it wasn’t as bad as some days. Doctor Lanzotti had some encouragement on his blood count today. The lab saw some monocytes in his blood. If this is real it might be the beginning of the turn around of his blood counts. We are praising our Lord for this. We know he has His hands in Doc’s care. His platelets were low again so they had to give him more platelets. Doctor Lanzotti also said they will have to cut him back some on the Tylenol for his temperature because his liver functions were elevated. We hope that this doesn’t cause his temperature to go back up high again.

Tomorrow two of our sons are coming in to see us for the weekend. They have been in school so it has been hard for them to get away. We are praying that Doc is up to a nice visit with them.

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