Friday, November 9, 2007

Much better day!

Today we had several things happen that were good. Doc’s white blood count is finally starting to creep up. That was very good news since he can’t go home until he gets that back up. The doctors were worried about his labs on his liver today, because they have been going up the last couple of days. We did get good news from the ultra sound they took today of his liver though, it was normal. Then for the first time since the chemotherapy his temperature went down to normal. It was there most of the day. It has started going up again this evening, but that is to be expected. Doc did have problems again today from hives when they gave him more platelets. This also happened yesterday, but we didn’t know for sure that the platelets were the cause. They gave him some benadryl and that helped with the problem. Doc got up and did several laps around the room today. This is definitely progress. He was awake most of the day and didn’t take a nap until his temperature started rising again. With the high temperatures and not feeling well he had been napping a lot.

It is still too early to open visitation to everyone yet, but we did have a very nice visit today from our Pastor Warren and his lovely wife Pat. They spent a little time with Doc and then prayed with us. This meant a lot to us. I then spent a very nice lunch with them. We are also very happy that two of our boys made it home safely tonight. Doc is really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow and hopes he has another good day to spend with them. Thanks again for all your prayers as you can see they are working!!!

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