Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A good day

My temperature has continued to stay down and they have stopped some of my antibiotics. My WBC is now high enough to go home. My other counts are holding as well. I am continuing to be able to walk more. I was able to walk in the halls a couple of times today.

I still cannot swallow and that is really holding me back. If I can eat enough and all else goes well, I could possibly go home this weekend or early next week! I really want to be able to eat and swallow!

We talked to Dr. Lanzotti today and he said he would let me recover at home for a couple of weeks before I have to come back for the next round of chemo. Yes they have decided to give me another round to be on the safe side. Right now it looks like I am going into remission, but I have agreed to be in a study and the protocol calls for an consolidation therapy. When I come back for that I will be in the hospital. At the time they will give me chemo twice a day twelve hours apart on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The doctor said because of my past history with the last cancer that I will probably need a little more time again to recover. I will more then likely be in the hospital for up to two weeks.

Hopefully my temperature continues to stay OK and my mouth and throat improve. They are pretty sure that I have had all this mouth and throat problems due to my previous radiation therapy with the chemo added to it. Hopefully it will get better soon.

I sure hope God has it in his plans for me to be home this weekend or early next week. I have learned that I must be patient at times! I am working hard on this...

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