Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest Transplant News

I heard from Dr. Cashen's office today. They told me that my transplant will be delayed until April. I am not sure why it was pushed back two weeks instead of one from the extra days of antibiotics. I have an appointment next Wednesday(March 19) to see Dr. Cashen. They have asked the donor to change collection dates to either April 2, 3 or 7. My transplant would then be that date or the day after. If the collection date is April 2nd, my admission date would be March 27th. The good news is that I will be home for all of David and Daniel's break this week. I will also be home for Easter. I will be home for at least part of Michael's spring break. I am disappointed that I will have to wait but I am glad to have the extra time with my family. I am also comfortable with taking the antibiotics for a while longer to get the infections under better control before the transplant. There are a few tests I will have to do before the transplant. I need to repeat my Chest Xray, my heart scan(Called a MUGA scan), my pulmonary function tests(breathing tests), and an EKG. I may have to have a repeat bone marrow biopsy as well. I will find that out about all of them by next week.

I have enjoyed the time with my sons this week. All of our vehicles have needed to get their oil changed or more and we have gotten that done as well. We fell a little behind when I spent so much time in the hospital and Teresa was with me so all of the vehicles now needed at least an oil change.

This means I will be able to attend church for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. One potential problem is that David's graduation from law school is May 10th. If I do not get my transplant till the first week of April then I may still be in the hospital for his graduation. Even if I get out in time, I may not be able to be near crowds because of my anti-rejection drugs. I guess God is working everything out in His plan so I just need to wait and see what happens.

May God bless you as He blesses me.


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