Monday, March 31, 2008

Transplant Day -2

Today unfortunately wasn't a great day for Doc. It started last night. He began to spike a temperature and started vomiting after I wrote the blog. Then this morning he started getting a chill and shaking again. Doc then started feeling weak so the nurse took his blood pressure. When the nurse was taking his blood pressure she did it four times because she thought it must be wrong. It was very low so they decided to move him to the ICU. In the transplant unit they have their own ICU so we just had to move down the hall. For those of you that know Doc well he brought everything again. The nurses were saying there are only two people in the room. Doc has brought a lot of stuff to work on including a printer. It is very hard to keep him down. With God's help and his drive he can do anything!! The doctors and nurses have kept a close eye on him today. Thankfully my prayers were answered and he is doing better this evening. They had to delay his last dose of the rabbit medicine, but they were able to get it in. Tonight they will give him his last dose of chemo and tomorrow he will get a chance to rest. Please continue to keep him in you prayers.


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