Friday, March 28, 2008

Transplant Day -5

Last night things continued to go in the wrong direction. As Doc said last night we didn't get into his room until late. By the time they did the paper work and started his IV's it was 11:00 pm. The medicine they are giving him takes 7 hours to run. Between the switching of bags and the pump going off because of air in the line we were constantly being woke up. Needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep.

Today hasn't been a good day for Doc. We are not real sure what is going on yet, but last night shortly after they started him on the chemo and the other medicines they are giving him, he started feeling bad. Today that has continued. He has been vomiting off and on today. Then this afternoon he started running a fever of 102.0. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get in much of a walk today. I know that bothers him since he is so adamant about his patients walking a lot. He does try to practice what he preaches.

We are praying that he will feel better tomorrow. This is very unusual for us to have him start with the temperatures and vomiting this early into the chemo. He is on a study and it might be due to that medicine, but we are not sure. They took some blood cultures today so maybe we will have some more answers tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers.


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