Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Good Day!

Today has been a good day. My WBC is up to 10.6. My neutrophils are also up so I am out of protective isolation. I am off all but one antibiotic.

The girls from our office came to see me today and we had a good visit. Joanne Condi (the chief operating officer at Passavant Hospital) also came by to visit. It was nice to see all of them.

Both of my doctors came in today and said I can go home when I can eat! Today I had a whole bowl of onion soup (brought in by the girls at the office) and a milkshake for lunch. Tonight I had a whole bowl of chicken soup and am working on a milkshake that is half done. I also have some soft serve ice cream with some strawberries for dessert. The doctor said the important thing is getting in the calories, so I am doing my best. I am walking the halls again some now so I am regaining my strength. I am hoping I can eat enough tomorrow to convince my doctors I can go home Friday. I hope to have a couple of weeks at home to recuperate before the next round of chemo.

I think Teresa is anxious for me to be home for many reasons including not having to drive up to the hospital everyday. Hopefully, she can get some naps in if I am home. That will let her feel better! I know all of this is hard on her arthritis.

I am hoping to get home by the time or before my sons come home for Thanksgiving. They are both students at SIU even though it is at different campuses (one in Law School and the other in college). The good thing for us this year is that they combined the time they usually get off for fall break with Thanksgiving so they get the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

God is good!!! I think he might let me go home for the weekend so I can go to church this Sunday! I want to thank all of you again for all of the prayers, God has been listening!!!

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Donna said...

Such wonderful news! Sounds like you are eating some good things and will be home very soon.