Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 23

Today started out well but has become a disappointing day. My lab work showed that my hemoglobin was about the same and my platelet count was up a little so I did not need a transfusion. My white count and neutrophil counts were up a little. My temperature last night and this morning stayed under 38 degrees centigrade(about 100 degrees fahrenheit). Both of my doctors came in and told me I could go home. I actually had a different blog written and was ready to send it out.

Teresa is still not feeling well and Pastor Warren was coming up here to visit a couple of members of the congregation and volunteered to bring me home. He was to be up this afternoon. Unfortunately my temperature was up to 38.6 C or 101.5 F at noon. My doctors canceled my discharge and ordered a chest xray and some cultures. I was obviously disappointed but I guess God did not want me to go home with Teresa still sick. I will have to stay a few more days till my temperature comes down again and my cultures come back OK.

My baseball cards came today and I thought I would be home to look at them. Unfortunately, that looked like it would be a problem when I did not get to go home. Renee' from my office knew how disappointed I was and, quite as a surprise to me, agreed to bring the cards up to me at the hospital. She drove through the rain and brought them up. I was very happy. Even here, however, I got some disappointment as part of my order was not packed in the package so I did not get all the cards I ordered. I did get the computer version of the baseball game that I ordered and that was good.

This afternoon I did not feel very good and I wound up falling asleep. I feel better now. My temperature got up to 102 this evening at 4PM. I took some Tylenol and now I feel better. They have not rechecked my temperature yet tonight.

I am disappointed today after actually getting discharged and then having it canceled. In the big picture, though, another couple of days won't make a difference. I am also glad I did not get all the way home and then run my fever and have to come back. God still has a plan for Teresa and myself and we just need to wait and see what comes next.

We continue to covet your prayers. May you have a good day tomorrow! May God bless you as he blesses me!


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