Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 25

Today has been another frustrating day. I am still on that roller coaster (I do like roller coasters, but this is a bit much). My temperature continues to go up and down with no apparent reason. I did find out today that one of my antibiotics was stopped over the weekend. The doctor covering for Dr. O'Marro thought I was doing well enough to stop it. When I discussed it with Dr. O'Marro today he agreed that we should restart the antibiotic since my fevers were persistent.

My hemoglobin and my platelet count continue to improve. My white count remains the same at 3,300. That should be enough to fight off an infection usually. When my temperature is down, I can walk and eat and do all the normal things. When my temperature goes up, I get very weak. I lose my appetite and wind up trying to sleep.

Teresa felt well enough to come up today. It was good to see her again. We went over the mail and were doing OK till my temperature went up. I spent much of the afternoon sleeping. I feel bad sleeping when she is here.

This evening I took some Tylenol and feel better. I was able to eat supper.

They are going to do a CT scan tomorrow to see if they can find any source of infection. All of my cultures and chest Xrays have been normal. They want to make sure we are not missing anything.

We tried to call St. Louis today but the nurse who is our contact was off today. We left her a message to call us tomorrow.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be the start of an improvement that will let me get home eventually.

God has a plan, but it sure has been confusing so far. I guess this is where faith comes in. May HE bless you as much as he blesses me.


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