Friday, February 15, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 33

I went to St. Louis today and met with the infectious disease doctor. He reviewed my Xrays and my history. He ordered some more lab work also. He will review my Xrays with his radiologist and discuss my case with Dr. Cashen, my transplant doctor. He will also review my labs and call me back next week. It sounded to me as if he did not think this would delay the transplant much, if any. I am going to repeat my CT scan and MRI this coming Friday so it can be compared to the old ones and see if things are getting better. At that point, I think the final choice of when to do the transplant will be made.

Things are going well otherwise. I am tired still but otherwise seem to be doing fine. Teresa is doing a nice job of hooking up and taking down my antibiotics. We now just have to decide how long to keep them going.

If it turns out that my transplant is delayed, it will give me some more time to spend with my sons. Jon will be home from about the 24th of February till about March 1st. Perhaps God is using my infection to allow me to spend more time with Jon. Even though there may a delay in the transplant, it probably won't give me extra time with David and Daniel. Their spring break starts on March 7th and I think they will have me back in the hospital in St Louis by then. Please continue to keep me and the doctors in your prayers as they have to decide when to proceed with the transplant. Thank you all!!


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