Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Transplant Day -1

This morning started a little rocky again. Doc's blood pressure was low and his pulse was up. They discovered that he had been having an allergic reaction to the rabbit medication he'd been taking, so they've given him a little medicine to help with that. He's swollen from the medicine and that should go away in a few days. Tonight he's been doing better, and he hasn't had any vomiting today.

The transplant is definitely a go for tomorrow. It's scheduled for 11:00am and should take a little less than half an hour. They'll put him to sleep for it because they said the medication feels really strange going in, and it makes a lot of people very anxious. Pastor Warren will be here with me tomorrow. We'll update tomorrow after the transplant.

(Hopefully the internet at the hospital tomorrow will be working! Kim is typing this tonight because we can't get a connection.)

Please pray for the transplant to go well and smoothly, and that God will use this to heal Doc.


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