Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chemo Day 6

Well, I am more than half the way through my continuous chemo. I hope to be done with round 1 by Saturday night. As I guess you know, yesterday was not a good day. I guess it was a full moon. I did not feel well most of the day and developed a fever. Then I guess I scared everyone when I passed out. I felt much better by last night. I was able to watch the World Series even though it was not much of a game.

Today started out as a better day. I am still running a temperature between 100 and 101 but it has been stable. It has been very nice to have all the cards and phone calls and visitors that I have had. People are really nice!

This afternoon I got a little nauseated. It started out a little like yesterday so this time I asked for something and almost headed it off. At least I did not pass out. After about an hour, I felt better. I had another CAT scan tonight to make sure I am OK. They have not come rushing in here since so I guess it is OK. Interestingly enough, my CAT scan tonight is being read by Dr. Shawn Vasireddy. His father is a radiologist at the hospital where I work and he used to be our next door neighbor. He has grown up quite a bit! Hopefully, he will like what he sees on my scan.

I am still waiting for the fever to go away, but it is not any worse so I guess that is good. I am still not sure when I will get to go home. I guess it will still be a couple of weeks.

I am going to try and watch the ballgame tonight and hopefully it will be a more interesting game than last night. Thank you all again for all your kind thoughts and prayers. More info tomorrow hopefully.

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