Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting Sicker?

I wonder if they think I am getting sicker. The last two nights I was only awakened once at 5 AM to do my vitals and draw blood! I have slept in till almost 8AM both days. We all know that they have to wake you frequently at night in the hospital when you are trying to get well. So I must be getting sicker. Surprisingly I feel fine and I have no fever. I continue to walk a lot and seem to be doing well. I think it must be due to all the prayer lists I am on and all the prayers that I am getting from family, friends, patients, colleagues,etc. and all the well wishers I have heard from. I know the power of prayer worked for me last time and am counting on it again this time! Keep it up!

By the way, You will see something new on the blog site when posting a comment. There is a place to add comments to a comment and to vote thumbs up or thumbs down on the comment. This is thanks to some revolutionary software developed by my son, Jon. He has been trying to tell me all summer how it works. I guess I had to get sick and need this blog so he could finally show it to me in a way that I can understand!

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