Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vomiting Again

Not a great name for today's post but it tells my day. I started out fair and got permission to walk in the halls again. I was able to get one walk in before things went downhill. I got one Ensure down this morning and was feeling fair. This afternoon, however, I got sick again. It was probably the worst one yet. I actually took some antinausea medicine for it and it took most of the afternoon to get over it.

This morning, my platelet count was low so I got a transfusion. Platelets help keep you from bleeding. I got premedicated with Benadryl before the platelets and that may have made me a little tired today.

Dr. Dolz came up to visit me and so did two of my patients, Laura and Louann Lyons. It was good to see them. Unfortunately, when Dr. Dolz was getting ready to leave I got sick. I feel bad that he had to watch that. I also had several phone calls today and they continue to be an encouragement.

I fell asleep during the Bears game today. I understand that I did not miss much. I saw the first half, then heard occasional plays of the second half while sleeping.

I am watching the World Series tonight. It does not look good for the Rockies. It is looking like the baseball season will be over tonight.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!

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Donna said...

I was sending prayers your way all the way on our trip to North Carolina this weekend and back yesterday. Sending warm thoughts to you that Monday is a better day. I kept up with your posts on my husband's new iphone and he asked what is scrubs and cubs? He, of course, is a big Cubs fan too. I recently switched to the you think the Cubs will take me back? What a sad World Series.
Hope you are feeling better today, dear Dr. Fox!