Saturday, October 27, 2007

Continuous chemo ends!

I finished my continuous chemo today but it hasn't been a great day. I did get some visitors and phone calls today but I still can't eat. I vomited last night and again this evening. My fever is also up a bit. I did keep down some ensure( A calorie supplement) earlier today. I am hoping I will feel better when the chemo gets out of my system.

I was able to play some strat-o-matic again this afternoon. Unfortunately, I lost 2 of 3 again. I did have fun. My family continues to be very supportive but I still worry about my wife and her rest. My best friend is coming in from Ohio to see me Monday. I sure hope I am feeling better by then. We usually golf when he comes here or I go there. I am hoping he doesn't expect any golf this time!

I have been having some loose stools so they checked me for a bowel infection called c. difficile. Fortunately the cultures came back no infection. My blood cultures have all been negative so far also.

I am watching the baseball game tonight but it is not much of a game so far. I may get to go to bed early! I doubt it. I am sure I will watch it to the last out!

More tomorrow

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