Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day One!

My leukemia vacation started last night! I was admitted last night and received 2 units of blood. I started at a blood count of 5.9. (Normal is 14-16.) Then today I had a bone marrow biopsy(where they take a sample of the bone and marrow out of your hip bone.) That was fun and I get to do that again in a couple of weeks! I still have to get a CAT scan of my head and neck and a MUGA scan(a heart test) later today. These will make sure my head and neck and heart are healthy enough to have the chemo treatments. I had 17 tubes of blood drawn last night and 11 more today. I will probably need another transfusion! They have room service here at the hospital. You just order food off the menu and they bring it to your room. It took a little time to get soap for the shower and Kleenex and slippers to walk around in but I am figuring out who to talk to in order to find what I need. I have about 100 pages of info to read through to decide if I want to enroll in a study. I am getting a lot of information, probably more than I want to know. I am also getting ready for Tumor board tomorrow. I usually am head of it at Passavant Hospital. This week it is supposed to be on Friday AM at 7. I am going to try and run the meeting over a speakerphone and to present my cases over the phone as well. That should be an interesting experiment! Well, my room service lunch arrived so I have to go for now. More to follow!

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