Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chemotherapy starts!

Today was a fairly easy day. I had some blood drawn this morning and that was OK. My blood count is holding up so far. I have a small hangnail on my little finger and it looks like I am getting a felon. No that is not a legal term from some criminal. It means a small infection around the bottom of the fingernail. I was started on some antibiotics for that today. This afternoon I started chemotherapy. I got some premedications to help prevent any nausea. Then I got a dose of Daunorubicin. I will get one dose of that for the next three days. I also started a continuous dose of cytarabine. I will be taking that for 7 days continuously. They give you all this information to read and list all the possible complications. There is obviously no real choice. You take take the medicine and possibly have some serious side effects or you can not take the medicine and avoid the side effects but you will die! It did not seem like a hard choice to me! Well, I am sitting here watching the American league championship series and Boston leads 10-1 so it is easy to take the time to write this as the game is not quite as exciting as I had hoped it would be. I may have to switch to the Illinois-Michigan game. Unfortunately the hospital TV controller only goes channel up so it is hard to flip from one channel to another and back. That game is at least close at 17-17 so I may try and switch to it if the Indians don't get something going soon. More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Fox-
What a way to spend a vacation! And they don't even have any roller coasters there! I hope you get to feeling better soon. All of us at the Wound Center are thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery!

Tabitha Royer

Carrie said...

Hi, Dr. Fox:

I am rooting for you! I sent a Staples "Easy Button" along to you. It would be awesome if you could push the button and make everything easy. Bad food? Press the Easy Button! Bad nurse? Easy Button....
Get Well!