Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Visitors on hold

My dad is having another rough day today. Even though the chemo is over, all the effects are still taking a toll on him and he is feeling pretty sick.

He has been so encouraged by all the visits, cards, and comments. For the next few days though, we're going to ask that you not come up and visit. He really needs the rest and even though he loves having visitors, it takes a lot out of him.

In lieu of visiting, please feel free to post a message on this blog-just click "Comments" below this post. He reads those every day and it really boosts his spirits to know you are checking on him and continuing to pray for him.

You could also send a note or card, either to the hospital address or to his home. Those addresses are:

Dr. Richard Fox
Room E266
Memorial Medical Center
701 North First Street
Springfield, IL 62702

Dr. Richard Fox
183 S. Grand Ave
Jacksonville, IL 62650

The cards are decorating his walls and really brightening things up, especially since he's not allowed to have flowers in the room. He keeps running out of thumbtacks and that's a great problem to have. The other day, the nurses said he won the prize for the most hospital mail that day. I know that made him feel good!

If you must visit, please call first (217-788-7962) to see how he is doing and if he is up to a visitor for even a few minutes.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for my dad and all you have been doing to encourage him. It is very much appreciated and hopefully soon we'll be able to post that he's feeling up to visitors again.

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