Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 11

Today has been a quiet day. Teresa was up today and we went through the mail and discussed how the kids were doing. Then we played a couple of board games of Ticket to Ride. She whipped me good but we had fun.

I have been able to eat and walk today and have not noticed any side effects of the chemo except to be a little tired. My hemoglobin is stable at 10.4. My platelet count doubled after the transfusion to 40,000 and I have not had any more bleeding from the nose. My white count is down to 0.3 and I only have about 24 neutrophils. Hopefully this is getting near or is at the bottom and will begin to improve. Once my neutrophil count gets back up to 500 I should be able to go home as long as I do not have a fever.

News flash!!! Teresa just called me from home and there is a message on the answering machine from St. Louis that says my transplant has been approved by the insurance company! We still do not have a specific donor or date but that is certainly good news. Once again, God shows how good He is! Now we just need to be sure we have a suitable donor.

Hopefully, I will be able to go home in the next 7-10 days or sooner and we will have a donor by then. My next St. Louis appointment is February 13 and we hope to finalize all the details by then and have the transplant between then and the end of the month.

I thank you all again for your prayers and good wishes. It certainly makes a difference. I would hate to be going through this without God and my family and friends. May He bless you like He blesses me and my family!


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Anonymous said...

That is great news that the insurance company has approved the transplant. Prayers going up daily for you and your family.