Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 3

Today has been a fairly quiet day. I got a dose of chemo this morning and will get another dose this evening. Then I am off chemo tomorrow and get two doses on Friday again. After that we wait and see how my counts do. My hemoglobin today is 9.8. My platelet count is 208,000 and my white count is 10,700 with 9,309 neutrophils. They have not had much of a change yet.

I get eye drops with steroids to protect against any complications from the chemo. I get two drops to each eye every 6 hours. I am terrible at eye drops so the nurse has to do it for me while I try to hold my lids open with my two hands.

My food came correctly today and only one meal was a little late. I did get a meal brought in from home today, though, so they only had two chances.

We did get some good news from St. Louis today. The fund I applied to is giving me a grant to test 2 of the matches from the registry at no cost to me. Hopefully one of those will match and I will not have to pay for any other donor testing. I do not know how long it takes to check but they told me that I would get more information next week. We still do not have the go ahead from Blue Cross for the transplant but they tell me in St. Louis that they think it will come through.

I did get some good news from Dr. Lanzotti today also. He thinks there is a chance he will let me go home this weekend and stay home until my counts drop. If I only need transfusions, I can do that as an outpatient. If I get a fever, I will have to come back in. He made no promises so we will just have to see how my counts are doing by the weekend. God will be in charge as usual.

May He bless each of you as He is blessing me.


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