Monday, January 21, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 8

Today has been a little disappointing. I had a great weekend at home with my family. We had a good time and played some board games. I had to check my temperature every 4 hours at home and did not have any fevers over the weekend. Today I had to see Dr. Lanzotti and have some lab work. My temperature at home was normal this morning. When I got to Dr. Lanzotti's office they took my temperature and it was 99.7. My white count was down to 1.2. My neutrophils were down to just over 1000. My hemoglobin was still 12.2. My platelet count was down to 31,000. Dr. Lanzotti felt I should be readmitted because of my temperature. He felt that I would need a platelet transfusion by tomorrow anyway. After admission to the hospital, they have taken my temperature every hour and it remains normal. By being admitted today I did not get a chance to say good bye to Daniel who is returning to school this afternoon. If I did not have the fever, I could have gone home and just come back as an outpatient for the transfusion tomorrow. I think the temperature at his office was an error.

When I was in last week, we had a nice big room. The room I am in now is small and does not have a place for me to put up my family pictures. I am still able to eat and walk and feel fine otherwise.

If my temperature remains normal, I plan to ask Dr. Lanzotti if I can just get my transfusion tonight and go home tomorrow. I can get my blood work checked in Jacksonville and spend time at home if all goes well.

God has a plan for me and he evidently wants me in the hospital today. I hope his plan is for me to go home soon! Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts.


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