Friday, January 18, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 5

Today has been a good day. I am not feeling any side effects yet from the chemo. My counts are holding for now. My hemoglobin was 9.7 and my platelet count is 161,000. My white count is 5,200 and my neutrophil count is 4,800. I have been able to continue to walk and eat well. I have actually gained 2 pounds while in the hospital this week. I figured out that each lap I do here at the hospital is about a tenth of a mile so my 20 laps a day is about 2 miles!

Teresa and I played Ticket To Ride again today and she beat me again but I had a good time. She also brought me in a Subway sandwich for lunch and some French onion soup from Panera bread. That was a good change from the hospital food.

Dr. Lanzotti came in this evening and said that I can go home tomorrow morning if my temperature is OK overnight and there are no surprises on my labs. I will need to see him on Monday in the office for blood work and he made me promise that I will not give him any grief if he needs to put me back in for a fever or a transfusion. He thinks I will need a transfusion next week but does not know what day. I can do that as an outpatient, though, if I have no fever. I have to take my temperature every 4 hours while awake at home and come back in if I get a temperature of 100 or more. I will need to stay away from anybody who could get me sick so I guess I will not be going to church on Sunday. My son Daniel is home from school this weekend due to the holiday on Monday and Michael will not have any homework since finals ended today so I hope to get some board games in.

God has certainly blessed me again this admission and I hope it continues next week as well. May he continue to bless you as well. Thanks again for all your prayers, good wishes and encouragement. God has been answering a lot of them.


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