Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 6

This is a good day! I am writing this blog from home! I did not have any fever and still felt well. Dr. Lanzotti let me go home today. Praise the Lord!!! Last night Dr. Lanzotti called back after he made rounds and suggested I get transfused with some red cells. I got two units of blood last night so that I will not need to get transfused as soon. My hemoglobin was up to 12.7 today. My white count is still OK. My platelet count dropped from 161,000 yesterday to 106,000 today. That could still be a problem for next week. I go back in to the office on Monday to be seen and recheck my lab work. Hopefully, I will only need outpatient transfusions if anything. I plan to stay indoors and try to stay healthy!

Thank you all for your prayers. I am so happy to be home. God is good!


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