Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chemo Round 3 Day 18

I am afraid Doc had another bad day today. Last night after I left he got up to use the restroom and passed out again. He wasn't seriously hurt, but the nurses have grounded him to the bed for now. His temperature is still up. It is running around 103. His counts were down again today so he needed to get a transfusion of platelets and blood today. His neutraphils did go up some today, but it will still be awhile until his white blood count goes up enough for him to start feeling better. He did have one nice thing today. Mark Sewell from church stopped by to see him before he went to sleep from the benadryl. (They have to give Doc benadryl before they give him platelets, because he has had a reaction to the platelets.) Doc had a nice visit with Mark. Mark and I had to do most of the talking since Doc is still having a lot of trouble speaking. He did say his mouth felt a little better today. Doc was able to eat a little pudding and applesauce this evening. We pray that he will be able to eat more normally again soon. We want to thank you for the continued cards and prayers. All of you have been a blessing to us.


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