Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Transplant Day 0

Today is considered day zero since they did the transplant today. Doc is still doing well. At first they had a little trouble with his blood pressure going up and down, but within a couple of minutes it was stable. We want to thank Pastor Warren for coming down here to be with us during the transplant. It was really nice having him here. Pastor Warren and I were surprised on how small the amount of stem cells was that they gave Doc today. It only took 15-20 minutes to defrost the cells and put it in him. The medicine they gave him before the transplant started did make him very sleepy for most of the day. They are going to give Doc blood tonight because his hemoglobin is low. As of yesterday his white count was at zero. Everyone has told us that his counts will come back up much sooner this time since he has been given the stem cells from a 24 year old donor. Hopefully he will be able to get out of here within two weeks. Then we are supposed to stay in the area for another week before we are allowed to go home. Doc is still in intensive care, but he is doing much better. They now have his blood pressure under control. We praise the Lord for all He has done and we thank all of you for all of your prayers. Please continue to keep Doc in your prayers.

I am praying that I can stay on the internet long enough to get this blog posted. The last couple of days it has been really hard to get on and stay on. Our wireless signal is very low. We will try and keep everyone informed of Doc's progress.


(She didn't stay online long enough to get it published, but I (Kim) was able to get on and publish for her. Hopefully the connection will work better tomorrow.)

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