Monday, April 21, 2008

Transplant Day 19

Today is another one of those good news bad news days. First I want to mention what a nice visit we had with Doc's Mom, brother and our son Jon. We also got to visit with Jon's girlfriend Katie. She came to pick Jon up. I think everyone would have enjoyed the visit a little more if Doc was awake more. I have asked them to turn down his pain medicine at least during the day, but no one is listening. I don't think he is in very much pain right now since his hands and feet look so much better. They did get him up in the chair for awhile today, but he spent most of the day sleeping again.

I just got most of Doc's labs for the day. He will need platelets tonight because his count is down to 12. His bilirubin is now up to 17. His kidneys are about the same. The good news is that his white count is up to .3 today and his neutrophils are up to 240. Everyone originally told me that once his counts started going back up that they would start to jump. Today they told me that will probably not happen for Doc. They said because he had so many complications, they are expecting it to go up slowly now. I don't know yet if they are going to give him more white blood cells tonight. His temperature has been normal all day and his other vital signs have also been normal all day. They do still have him on ICU status so they are still keeping a close eye on him. The doctor also decided to put Doc in an air bed today. He has been having a little problem with his skin and now has a place where it has split. They are hoping that this will be easier for him and more comfortable.

I am sorry I have been posting so late every night. I am having trouble getting the labs back so I know if he is doing better or not. Tonight the nurse got on at 7:00, but I didn't see her until after 9:00. Then it took her a while before she was able to get the labs.

I continue to trust in the Lord for Doc's care. I know he is continuing to show improvement in most areas. I just need to be a little more patient and let him do it is his time. It is just hard to see someone you love suffer. I want to thank everyone for the cards again and prayers. Doc got another stack of cards today. Even though I have to read the blog to him because he can't use the computer, he can hold the cards and read them. Please continue to keep Doc in your prayers, right now the liver and kidneys are the most critical. Thank you again.


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