Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Transplant Day 20

Today Doc is feeling a little better. A lot went on today. First last night I talked the doctor into lowering his morphine pump, because of that he was much more alert today. I asked him all day if he was in pain and he said no. It was nice to be able to talk to him more without him falling asleep all the time. One of the important things I needed to talk to him about was a feeding tube. They wanted to put one in, but Doc has told me before that he did not want one in with all the other problems he has. Doc finally agreed to let them put one in, but then they changed their minds this evening. I suggested the other day that they change the TPN like they did at Memorial, but they didn't listen. Tonight they decided to change the TPN instead of a feeding tube. Doc had a visit by the eye doctor today, because his right eye lid is swollen and he is having a hard time opening it all the way. The eye doctor said that the eye was fine. She did give him some eye drops to help with the dryness from the chemo. He also had a visit from the kidney doctors. They said that they were going to increase his fluids, but they didn't think he was bad enough to put on dialysis. The doctors ordered another ultrasound on Doc, but I haven't heard what the results on that were. The physical therapist came in today and made Doc do some exercises. I think it was great that he was awake enough to do them today. Between all of them, the nurse, his tech and his regular doctors we had a very busy day.

Doc's liver is the only thing that was worse tonight. His bilirubin is now up to 18.5. Our nurse Sarah talked to me today. She told me that isn't as bad as I was thinking it was. The doctors today said they were going to give him higher doses of steroids to help with the liver. They are afraid he may have some graft versus host disease going on. If he does, the steroids are supposed to help. Doc's platelets are 22 tonight so he won't need platelets. With the counts coming up some, the platelets are not dropping as fast. His kidneys are a little better tonight. His BUN is 116 and his creatinine is 2.4. Doc's white blood count did not go up it is still at .3, but his neutrophils are up to 288. They are certainly going up slowly, but they are going up. Thank you Lord!! Doc's vitals were normal again all day. It is so wonderful to see the Lord at work. Overall we had a good day. Thank you again for the continued prayers.


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