Monday, April 7, 2008

Transplant Day 5

Today Doc started out well enough that I came home for the night. I have a lot of things that need to get done that no one else could do. It was very hard for me to leave him, but several of the nurses said I needed a break and I know he is in good hands. I am planning on going back tomorrow morning. I am hoping to get a good night of sleep. I know all of you know how difficult that is in the hospital, between everyone coming in all night long and things beeping all night long.

This morning Doc's platelets were 25, but when I talked to him this evening his count was down to 5 again. They are planning on giving him more platelets tonight. He also said the head of the transplant department was in again this evening. He is on call for the hospital this month so we lucked out (God does know what he is doing!!) When he came in this evening he told Doc that he has asked for a consult with the burn unit. I think that may be a little late, but I guess better late then never (right?). The blisters on Doc's hands are starting to pop now. They are still very sore, but much better then they were in the beginning. I know they are bothering him more because he hasn't been able to do any of his Strat-o-Matic right now. He isn't able to use the computer or write anything with his hands as bad as they are either. At least he has been able to watch some of the Cubs games and I brought a few sports movies that he hadn't seen with to help pass the time. He is still sleeping a lot, but the last couple of days he has been up more. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to eat much today. He did have a good breakfast, but lunch was a problem so he didn't have the nurses order him dinner (with his hands as bad as they are he can't dial the phone to do it himself). His mouth is starting to get sore like it has in the past. This usually lasts awhile. I am praying that it doesn't get as bad as it has a few times before. Other wise Doc had a pretty good day. I have talked with him several times today since I left. We want to thank all of you for your continued prayers again. I don't think we can say enough on how much it has meant to us.


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