Sunday, April 20, 2008

Transplant Day 18

Today I have good news and bad news. Everyone I talked to asked for the bad news first so here goes. Tonight Doc's bilirubin is now up to 14.2, his creatinine is up to 2.7 and his BUN is 120. The nurse said they are going to discontinue his TPN tonight and talk to the dietitian tomorrow. The nurse tonight also said that the doctors want to talk to me tomorrow about options for the kidneys. Doc is running a low grade fever again tonight although it was normal most of the day.

The good news is that right now they have Doc's vitals under control. His heart is doing much better. When his labs came back tonight his white blood count is now up to .2 (200) and his neutrophils are up to 172. Praise the Lord, isn't HE awesome!! These counts are not jumping by leaps and bounds yet, but they are continuing in the right direction. When they do get up to a normal levels, Doc should be able to eat again and that should help with a lot of the problems. Doc was also a lot more alert most of the morning today. I almost forgot to mention that Doc doesn't need platelets tonight or blood. His counts held today. This is the first time he hasn't needed platelets since his counts started dropping. Another thing to be thankful for what a wonderful Lord we have!

Doug left this morning. I know Doc will miss him. It was really nice seeing him again. Tonight I went to the airport to pick up our son Jon. It was really great seeing him again. He stopped by tonight to visit with Doc, but Doc was so tired he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. Hopefully he will have a nicer visit tomorrow. Tomorrow Doc's Mom and brother John are coming up to visit. I know he is looking forward to seeing them too. Dr. Hinchen also stopped by today to visit Doc. It was nice to see him, but unfortunately by the time he came Doc was very tired from being awake most of the morning and some of the afternoon. I am sure Dr. Hinchen understood.

I didn't get much sleep last night after hearing the great news. I was so excited. I did a lot of Praising the Lord last night. For those of you that keep asking me I did take a short nap today. With Jon hear tonight and Doc's Mom and brother coming tomorrow I knew I need to get some extra rest. I want to thank you for your concern and continued prayers for me as well.

God has been laying His healing hands on Doc. The continued prayers are working, so I ask again that you keep him in your prayers.


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