Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Transplant Day 14

I am not sure quite how to report today. Doc said this morning he felt better then he did yesterday, his speech is a little better today, his hands and feet look a lot better then they did, but he has a lot of problems still. His bilirubin has gone up to 9.2 today (normal is 1.5 here). His creatinine is 2.6 (normal here is also 1.5). He spiked a slight temperature last night, but it has been normal all day. His blood pressure and pulse have been pretty good today. The doctor also decided to start Doc on TPN tonight. He hasn't been able to eat anything for over a week now. Hopefully the nutrition will help him heal faster. The nurses and I have noticed that his left leg and left arm have been a little redder the last couple of days. The doctor said today that he thinks Doc is getting an infection under his skin. The problem is that he is already on the anti-biotic he needs for that. The doctor said if Doc's counts don't start coming up he may have to give him white blood cells. When the doctor examined Doc today his belly was tender so they did an ultra sound. I do not know yet what the results of that were. I am praying tonight that the reason the nurse couldn't give me all of his labs tonight is that maybe his counts are starting to come back up. Normally they just tell me that his counts are zero. She doesn't have the neutrophils count yet which is the big thing we are looking for. She did say his white count is up to 100 today, but it has been up before and then gone back down to zero again.

I had an interesting day today trying to do payroll for the girls at our office. I needed to do it today so they would get paid on Friday. I had to have an internet connection so that I could do direct deposit. With all the trouble we have had getting on the internet I had to go all over the building trying to find a connection. I ended up at information and she directed me to a lady in guest relations who had to take me to a hall where some of their meeting rooms are for me to get a connection. I was very thankful that I could get it done for them to get paid on time. I still can't get over how big this place is and how poor their internet service is.

Doc did sleep most of the day again. I had a hard time keeping him awake long enough to get through all the cards that came in the mail today. He likes to read all of them. We laughed at quite a few of them. Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers. With Gods will hopefully tomorrow, I will have better news to post.


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