Thursday, April 3, 2008

Transplant Day 1

Overall Doc is doing better today. His hands and feet are still really bad. They are very swollen and red. They also have a lot of blisters on them. To me they look like he has burnt them in a fire. The doctors tell me it is a reaction to the pre-transplant medicine. The swelling did go down just a little today, but he still can't do much with his hands. His platelets are still low today even though they gave him platelets last night. They are planning to give him more tonight. The nurse told us tonight that he has hit bottom on all the counts that matter, now they are just waiting for them to go back up to be able to tell if the transplant took or not. We should know that in a few days. Everyone is different on how long that takes. We did get some good news tonight. Doc is doing well enough that they have taken him off of ICU status. Praise the Lord!!! Not much else new to talk about. Doc is still doing a lot of sleeping. A lot of that is because of the medicine they are giving him. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.


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