Sunday, April 13, 2008

Transplant Day 11

Doc hasn't felt very well today. He said he ached all over and just didn't feel well. I am not sure what is causing it yet. Doc again has some bleeding from his mouth and his skin looks like he has freckles all over from the petechiae which is from the low platelets again. There must be a really big shortage on platelets right now in St Louis. The doctor argued with Doc today about whether he needed platelets or not. The nurse that Doc had last night really shocked both of us when she said that they let patients platelet count get down to three. I am not a doctor, but I think that is too low. I have seen what happens when it gets down to five. I just found out from the nurse Doc's platelet count is down to three now and they don't know when they will get platelets in. They still have the shortage. Unfortunately his counts have not started coming back up yet. Although tomorrow will be day 12 and they said that most people's start coming up by then, but not everyone. We do need to count our blessings though he still is not running a fever, his hands and feet are doing better and he is sleeping through most of this. I ask that you continue to pray for his counts to come back up, once that happens then the platelets should start going back up too. I also ask that you pray for people to donate more platelets to help stop the shortage. Thank you again for all the well wishes and continued prayers. May God bless all of you as he does us.


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