Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transplant Day 15

I am afraid last night Doc's neutrophils were still at zero. I guess God has another time in mind. I am praying that tonight will be the night. Some of his labs are back, but not all of them from today. Today we are showing a little more progress on some things. Doc was more alert this morning, his hands and feet are continuing to get a little better each day, the infection in his skin is better today, but his bilirubin is up to 10.0 tonight. Doc's platelets are also down again tonight to 8 so he will be getting more platelets again tonight. Doc's heart was also irregular again today, but not as bad as it was a few days ago. The doctors decided to do another EKG which they said was fine tonight. The doctor also said tonight when he came in that most of Doc's problems will get better once the counts start to come back up. He also told me that Doc's ultrasound yesterday showed that his liver is a little enlarged and fatty (that is what he said), which is caused from the chemo again. That chemo is really hard on the body. I guess we were really fortunate that Doc didn't have more complications than he did in the past from the chemo. God was watching out for Doc.

I decided to take a break and meet my Mom today. She came up from Texas to help out some at home this week. She is heading back tomorrow. We had a good time together, it was nice spending a little time with her. I made sure the nurse knew I was going to be gone so that she would keep an extra eye on Doc. Pastor Warren and Pat were going to come to visit Doc and I today, but I didn't get the message from him until after I had left the hospital and made the arrangements with my Mom. I wasn't sure how Doc was going to be doing today, so I didn't plan on leaving until after I saw. I was glad I caught them before they had left.

Please continue to keep Doc in your prayers. We know they help a lot.


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