Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 10

God gave me another good day today. No, I did not get to go home but Teresa and Michael were able to come up today and we celebrated Michael's birthday. We had our Olive Garden dinner and it was very good! It was nice to see them both again! Our power went out at home again last night but was back on today. The weather is supposed to get better and even though we may have some snow flurries tonight, we should be able to keep the power on.

My counts continue to slowly drop but I did not need any transfusions today and I still have no fever. My appetite is still good. Dr. Lanzotti told me today that everyone going through this kind of consolidation chemo takes about the same amount of time to get better. On average, that is about 2 weeks. He said that some people have a rapid decline in their counts and some have a slower decline. Those with a slower decline tend to get less sick. I am hoping that is true and that I have a slow decline. I am hoping that when I hit bottom and start to go up that I can talk him into letting me go home.

David and Daniel are finishing their exams tomorrow and hope to come home the end of the week. We still have no internet at this time so both of them say they may have to stay at school another day or two!

I spoke to my brother John again tonight. He confirmed with Barnes that they received his blood sample Monday. They told him it takes about two weeks to get the reports back. I do not know if that will be delayed because of the holidays. They said my doctor in St. Louis would get the report and let me know. We are still waiting to hear about the second opinion in Chicago also.
The next couple of weeks will be quite busy and lots of things are still to be worked out. I am glad that God has a plan and I do not need to work out all the details. I just have to eat, walk, and listen to my doctors for now. I will have a few more responsibilities when I get home, but having the kids home for the holidays will make it all worth it!

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