Friday, December 21, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 19

Today was a better day. I still can hardly talk and it still hurts to swallow. My appetite is still decreased but I have not had any nausea today. I did not eat supper but that is because I had trouble with room service again and by the time I finished it was almost 5 o'clock. I was not ready to eat supper by 7 PM when room service closes. I will try and have a snack before bed.

My hemoglobin and my platelet count were better today due to the transfusions yesterday. My neutrophil count was 12. Hopefully it will start to go up tomorrow. My temperature was better today also. Most of the day it was less than 100. The highest it got was only about 100.5. I felt a lot better today because of less fever.

I did get a bump on the side of my head overnight. Nobody is sure what it is from. I guess I must have bumped it on the siderail while sleeping. There is no bruise, however and it has not gotten any bigger all day. I also have a sore left arm. I t hurts just above my elbow when I bend or straighten my arm. I get my blood pressure done on that side most of the time and that does not bother it. Dr. Lanzotti thinks I have a small torn muscle. There is nothing to do for either one right now except to watch.

Teresa was up here today and she looked better than when she left Wednesday but I know she is still sore and hurting as she was limping again and the pain shows on her face. She plays video poker and does real well but I suspect she would not do as well against someone who could read her face. She was hoping to see Dr. Lanzotti before she went home but it is very foggy tonight so I told her she should leave about 6:00PM. He came in about 6:30PM. I was able to talk to him by writing notes and it went fine.

My discharge will likely be decided by one of Dr. Lanzotti's partners as he is off the weekend and Christmas Eve and Christmas day. He will also be on vacation all next week. I sure hope I am home before he returns! I just have to wait and see what God has decided.


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