Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 16

Today was not any better than yesterday. My throat is a little less sore but more swollen. I am having a harder time swallowing and talking. My temperature has been around 100 all day. I have also been more sleepy with the fever. I do feel better this evening after napping some this afternoon.

My lab work today showed that I am getting a little more anemic. My hemoglobin was 9.0(normal is 14-16). My platelet count is 57,000(normal 250,000-400,000). My absolute neutrophil count is 10 today, quite a ways from 500(the minimum for me to go home). Obviously, my fever will have to be gone also.

We did get the call from Chicago today. My appointment there will be December 27th as long as I am home and my counts are high enough.

Teresa has arranged for someone to cut down all of our damaged trees. She had to split herself up today. She had to be home this morning for the bid and then had to hurry back this afternoon to be sure everything was going as planned. In between, she was here with me to make sure I was doing as well as possible. I sure wish I was home and could help her out more. She has had a lot on her plate with the typical holiday rush, all the weather related problems and my illness. Her arthritis has to be bothering her but she does not complain around me. I am sure she does not want me to worry but I worry anyhow.

Jon is coming home tomorrow. His girlfriend will be picking him up. Finally everybody will be home. Hopefully God will let me be there soon.


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