Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chemo Round 2, Day 2

Well I have now had 2 of my 6 doses of chemo that I will get this time and things are going well so far. I can still eat and feel OK. Of course it took about 5 days for me to get sick last time, so I may just be in that "good window" for now.

My labs all look Ok and my Hickman is working well. I did have some trouble with my meals yesterday, just like after I got my port put in before. I came back to my room to order some lunch and they took my order. No food came for over an hour so I called to find out what was up. They said they could not send my food as I did not have a diet listed in the computer. I told my nurse what they said and she had the secretary enter my diet. That is where I made my mistake. I assumed that would get me my food. I then waited another 30-40 minutes. When my food still didn't come I called down to room service again. This time they told me they did not have any order from me! I reordered and finally got my food. Mind you I didn't eat breakfast since I new they had to put in another port. The food was supposed to be my lunch but it eventually turned out to be supper. I wish they had a little better system since this is the same thing that happened the last time I was in here. It is hard to keep your weight up if they aren't bringing you any food.

During the night my minor problems continued. I was supposed to get a chest X ray last night, so I stayed awake for it because it was to be done around 11:30 PM. When it was an hour late, I checked with the nurses and they said the ER was very busy and X ray was overwhelmed. I went to sleep after I heard that and it was a good thing as they did not do my X ray till morning. I was awakened at 2:00 AM for the eye drops I need to have every 6 hours to protect my eyes from the chemo. I slept until 5:00 AM when they drew my blood and weighed me (of course this meant getting out of bed and walking over to the scale over by the door). I went back to sleep and they woke me again for my x ray at 6:30 AM. I went back to sleep again for a few minutes when they woke me up for repeat labs. My labs they drew at 5:00 AM were off and they thought it might be an error so they wanted to repeat the tests. Thank you Lord for my port!!! Everyone knows how hard it is to get a good nights sleep in the hospital I guess it is a good thing that I am not sick yet and need the extra rest!!!

I am up walking and doing my deep breathing (I am trying to be good). I will try and keep that up till I get too sick to do it (which I hope does not happen this time, of course). I am still hoping to be home for Michael's birthday on the 12th. If not, my 2 sons away at school will be home on the 14th or 15th and I would like to be home before them. I will just have to wait and see what God has planned for me this time! Thank all of you again for all your prayers, cards and well wishes! They still have been a great encouragement to me and my family!

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