Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 21

Today was a pretty good day. I have had no fevers and have been able to walk. My throat is still sore and I am having a hard time talking still. I am able to eat but it just takes longer than usual. I feel like I am eating all day as it takes me about two hours to eat a meal. The bump on my head is almost gone and my arm is getting better.

My labs today showed a slight drop in my hemoglobin (red blood calls) from 10.0 to 9.4. My platelet count also fell from 29,000 to 24,000. My neutrophil count, however, went up from 34 to 64. My monocytes also doubled and that is supposed to be a sign that my bone marrow is recovering from the chemo. My doctor today said I will not be going home tomorrow. He wants to be sure my platelet count and hemoglobin are going up and I do not need a transfusion. He also needs the neutrophil count to be at least 500 and he is pretty sure that won't happen by tomorrow. He is fairly sure I will be home by Wednesday but is not sure I will make it by Christmas.

Teresa was up here again today. She still looks very tired. Last night the wind was so strong that it set off the alarms at our house at 3 AM. Two of the boys helped her make sure it was nothing serious but it sure interrupted their sleep. Everyday she brings up the mail and we go over the previous day and discuss how the kids are doing, etc. This is similar to when we are home but usually it is me coming home and then we discuss things. We sort out what is garbage, what needs attention and what needs followup. After we go over that we both have things to do. The bills still need to be paid, and we have our own projects. Fortunately we have internet access and could do a lot of our Christmas shopping online. Unfortunately we cannot do everything from the room and that is one of the reasons Teresa is so tired. She has to do the running for both of us!

I mentioned yesterday that my family decorated my room. Today I had several nurses in to check it out. They voted my room as best decorated room on the floor!

I am a little disappointed that I won't be home tomorrow. We have a family tradition of me reading the Christmas story to everybody in the family (and any family we have in for Christmas) on Christmas Eve. Teresa also makes lots of little snacks for us to eat (she calls it finger food night). I will miss that, because she makes the best stuff. I am letting the family decide if they want to go ahead without me and have someone else do the reading or if it will be postponed.

I am sure my counts will improve tomorrow and Christmas day. It is up to God to decide when they get high enough for me to go home. As always, I and my family truly appreciate all your prayers.


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