Monday, December 24, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 22

Happy Christmas Eve to everybody! Today has been a very good day! No, I did not get to go home but it was still a good day. My throat is better today. I can talk some but I am not yet back to normal. It still takes me a long time to eat also. I have had no fever and continue to walk well.

My labs today showed an improvement in my platelet count and my hemoglobin. My neutrophil count improved to 138. That is more than double of yesterday. If I can do that again tomorrow I will be close enough to 500 for me to ask about going home. My infectious disease doctors have already changed one of my antibiotics to oral. They are OK with me going home whenever my regular doctors are comfortable as long as my temperature stays down.

Kimberly and Jeremy were not able to come up today because Ian has a cold , runny nose and fever. Teresa and all the boys came up. We played games all afternoon. Those of you who know me know I love board games. I did not win or even come close, but I had a great time with Teresa and the boys. It was a little more crowded than when we play at home but it was still great.

We almost did not get to play, though. Yesterday when David was helping clear the branches from the storm, he scratched his eye. It hurt for a while then got better yesterday afternoon and was OK when he went to bed last night. When he got up this morning it really hurt and he had trouble keeping his eye open. Reluctantly, he went to the ER and was found to have a scratch on his cornea and a little blister. He got some antibiotics and was told to rest his eyes. He also got some dark glasses to wear. He is concerned about the pattern he is developing as last year he was in the hospital on Christmas Eve due to kidney stones!

Tomorrow morning there will be many who are looking under the tree to see what Santa brought them. I, too, will be like a little kid. Instead of looking under the tree, I will be looking to see what labs God decided to give me. I will be happy with whatever I get as He knows best!

May you all have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow. Please remember that this is the day we celebrate God sending his son to Earth for us, the greatest present ever!


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