Monday, December 10, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 8

Today has been an interesting day. My counts are going down as expected. I am getting two blood transfusions today to keep from getting too anemic. My platelet count is down to 38,000. I will get platelets tomorrow if it drops to less than 20,000. My temperature has been OK so far. I have a sore throat from the chemo but I am able to eat still. The lining of my mouth is peeling like a sunburn in places but it is still better than the first round of chemo. Once my counts hit bottom and start coming back up, I will be able to go home if all continues to go well. It is looking less likely that I will get home for Michael's birthday but hopefully I will still be feeling fine and he can come up here and we can still have our Olive Garden dinner on Wednesday. Dr. Lanzotti is still trying to get my appointment set up in Chicago but the doctor is off at the moment. Hopefully we will get that set up soon.

Things at home are a little better today. Teresa got someone to fix the generator and we got it back this afternoon. We lost some refrigerator things like milk, etc. but most of the freezer stuff seems OK. Wouldn't you know that Illinois Power got our power back on less than an hour after we got the generator working. We are ready for the next storm now at least. We are supposed to get more ice tonight, then freezing rain till Wednesday night when it turns to snow. Then it is supposed to be better the rest of the week. David and Daniel finish their exams this week and will be home this weekend. Hopefully, I will be there, too.

Kim and Jeremy got their power back on today also. They were able to go home, do some laundry and pack their clothes for the trip to California. They decided to drive to St. Louis tonight and stay in a hotel so they did not have to worry about the ice and other weather in the morning. It will also allow them to sleep later than if they left from home.

This afternoon, I developed some swelling in my right leg. They decided to do a venous doppler test(Ultrasound of the veins of the legs) to be sure I did not have a blood clot. I passed the test and there were no clots. It is probably from how I was sitting in my chair. I had my computer on my bed table but had my leg crossed so I could use a notebook in my lap. I will try to avoid that from now on and will be getting some compression hose tonight to squeeze my legs and prevent clots and get the swelling down.

Unfortunately, Kim and Jeremy came up tonight to see me before they went to St. Louis just about the time I had to take the test. We met in the hall as I was going to the vascular lab and they were getting off the elevator and coming to see me. At least I got to see them and Ian and say goodbye before I went down. I am glad they were not a few minutes later or I was a few minutes earlier.

We did find out today that when the tree hit my car it bent my antenna and broke my windshield. If that is the worst of things from this storm, we will be fortunate.

Michael is a little frustrated at this time. School was cancelled so he could be home but our cable is out so we have no internet. He was hoping to play a game called World of Warcraft with his brothers but with no internet, no game. His girlfriend also was giving him a hard time for staying at home and helping his mom instead of spending time with her. She had power the whole time and minimal damage and just did not comprehend what he was going through. He has been a real big help for Teresa with me here in the hospital. I am so proud of him! I know this has been hard on him but God is sure using this to help him mature in ways we could not have expected!

God is good and we just have to see how his plan plays out!

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