Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 6

God continues to bless me this round of chemo! I continue to be able to eat and be up and about and feel pretty well. My counts are starting to drop today as expected. I will not be going to the musical tomorrow but it looks like it will be postponed another week due to the ice storm we are having. God may let me see it live after all! It just goes to show that he has many ways to make things come together, even if it's not the way we originally hoped for.

I talked with Dr. Agamah (who is covering for Dr. Lanzotti for the weekend) today about my options. He believes I should not do the transplant at this time since I am in remission but agrees that seeing the doctors at the University of Chicago would be a great idea. He thinks if they believe a transplant is still the right thing then I should do it. We are still trying to get that appointment arranged for the end of this month.

My brother got his blood work done today to see if he is a match to be a bone marrow donor. The results should be available about Christmas time. Those results could be quite a Christmas present!

After talking to Dr. Agamah today, he thinks I should stay in the hospital till my counts recover.
He believes my counts will drop low enough next week to require platelet and possibly blood transfusions. The risk of infection will be going up as my count goes down and I may require antibiotics. In view of the bad weather expected this week, going home and waiting to see how I do could be a problem if I get a complication. Apparently, bleeding and infectious complications can occur quite quickly, even if they are not common. He thinks that my counts will bottom out at 7-10 days. Once that occurs, it will be safer for me to go home. Therefore, I guess I will stay here till my counts start to recover. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

Michael will plan to come up here on Wednesday to have dinner with me as long as I can still eat. He was hoping to have dinner at the Olive Garden but we will try to do it as take out instead. That way we can still spend his birthday together. I guess that is another example of how God can make things work, even if it is not how we originally planned. That shows me that I just need to have faith in his plan and let it play out.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and kind thoughts. May God bless you all also. May you all have a joyous Christmas season. Let's just remember that the reason for the season is the birth of Christ, not the presents!


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