Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 9

Today has been a good day. I can still eat and walk and my leg swelling is improved. I am hoping I will not get any worse in my mouth and I will continue to be able to eat and swallow. My platelet count was down a little bit today again so I received a platelet transfusion to prevent any bleeding problems. I am just waiting for my counts to bottom out now and then come back up. Then I can go home! Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to not get a fever this time. Dr. Lanzotti does not think I will go home till next week. I hope he is wrong as David and Daniel finish their exams this week and will be home for Christmas by the weekend.

Kim, Jeremy and Ian made it to California without a problem today. They were concerned when they first got to the airport as so many flights were canceled or the gate changed. They were happy when they got to their gate and a plane was waiting for them. I am sure they will have a great time in California! They will be back Saturday evening if all goes well. The Christmas musical at church should be this weekend and I am still hoping God will let me see it live instead of by tape.

We lost power during the night at our house again and there are more trees and branches down but it does not appear as though there is any new damage. We got power back on this afternoon and it looks like the worst of the storm is over. There is still a chance for some freezing rain tonight but it does not look like that will be too big of a problem. Hopefully the weather man is right. We still have no cable so no internet at home but I still have it here at the hospital.

I have been able to get some work done for the office and home while I am here and I think I am pretty much caught up till I get home.

School in Jacksonville is canceled again tomorrow so Michael gets his birthday off. He is having a couple of friends spend the night tonight to bring in his birthday! Then tomorrow he is planning to come up here, weather permitting. I am getting hunger pains for the Olive Garden supper already.

I am going to try and get to bed early tonight as I am hoping for a busy day tomorrow. I can't wait to see Teresa again as she has not been able to get here since Saturday and I feel so bad for all she had to put up with. I have not seen Michael since I have been in the hospital due to school, his schedule and the weather. I am sure God will give me a good day tomorrow even if I cannot be home.

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