Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 26

Today was a good day. My labs showed that my neutrophil count was over 750 so I am allowed to go out! Normally we go out to dinner somewhere for birthdays in our family. I was not sure my count would be high enough so we postponed the birthday dinner till Saturday. We will probably make this a combined birthday dinner for Michael, our friend Gene Retzer and me. If you remember I was in the hospital for Michael's birthday and also Gene's which is two days after Michael's. Gene has always been like family to us. He and his wife Marilyn are adopted Grandparents to our children.

My birthday was a good day. My labs were better, my mom and brother called me and all my kids were here. We played some board games and had some cake and visited. What more can anyone ask for!

I will probably not add to the blog till after my appointment in Chicago unless something else comes up.

God continues to bless me. My family and I thank you all for your prayers and wish you a Happy New Year!


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