Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 14

Today was a fairly quiet day. I did not get to go home. My platelet count was down to 30,000. My hemoglobin is stable at 9.7. My white blood count actually went down. The neutrophil count needs to be 500 for me to go home. Yesterday it was 100. Today it dropped to 2! I guess it is getting as low as it can go. The last three evenings(including today) my temperature has gotten near 100.0 but has dropped during the night and remained normal during the day. They have not put me on any antibiotics at this time. Hopefully my counts start to go back up in the morning and my temperature stays down.

I can still eat and I continue to make 20 or more laps around while walking. My throat is still sore and if I talk much I cough.

The church had it's Christmas musical today. Kim and Jeremy were not in it as they were traveling from California. Teresa taped it for me so I can see it. Michael had a jazz band concert and 2 showings of the musical so he was very busy.

It looks like the weather has settled down for now. Jon is due to fly in from Colorado on Wednesday and the weather looks OK for now. I should also get my Chicago appointment arranged this week. It is to be between Christmas and New Year's day. My family and I continue to wait for God's plan to play out. We continue to appreciate all your prayers.


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