Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 11

God gave me another quiet day today. My counts were down a little but not too bad. I do not need a transfusion. I can still eat even though I do have a sore throat. I continue to walk. I actually have a little bit of a sore right heel from all the walking I have done.

Dr. Lanzotti came in tonight and said he is glad I am having a "boring" round of chemo. He implied I might be able to go home over the weekend but, he would not commit to it. He wants to see how my counts do first. I also, do not want to go home till it is safe but, I also do not want to be here a day or two extra "just to be sure". I told him that if I ran a fever I could probably get to Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville and get a dose of IV antibiotics in me and get back to Springfield before they could get it to me even as an inpatient here due to the fact that things are just slower because of how big it is here. My "stat" venous doppler test the other day took over three hours from when it was ordered to when it was started. Obviously, I would have pushed harder if I thought it was a real problem but, it gives you an idea of what I mean. Even if I needed a transfusion, I could be back here in less than an hour and if I needed "stat" blood I could get it in Jacksonville to hold me over till I could get here or be transferred here.

Daniel got home from school today and David will be home tomorrow. Kim and Jeremy are having a good time in California and will be back on Saturday. Jon gets back next Wednesday. I hope my counts allow me to go home this weekend.

We still have more branches falling every day but hopefully the ice will melt now and the trees can get back upright. After that we can sort out what needs to be cut down and what just needs to be trimmed.

No news on my Chicago appointment yet. I just have to be patient and see how each day plays out. Thank all of you again for all your prayers, thoughts, cards and well wishes, as you can see the Lord is listening.

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