Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 7

Well today has been more exciting at home than here. My day has been fine. I am still able to eat and am still walking. My platelet count is dropping as expected from the chemo and I will likely need a transfusion tomorrow or Tuesday. We will just have to see.

God did force postponement of the church musical till next week so I guess there is a chance I will get to see it live still.

The ice storm has affected us quite a bit today. When my daughter and son in law got up they had no power. There were power lines down in their backyard. They had borrowed my car for choir practice yesterday so that if they had to go separately they would each have a car. The car was in their driveway. The weight of the ice caused the tree in their front yard to break and many branches fell on my car. We invited them to our house initially when their power was out but this prevented them from being able to get out. Teresa was able to drive over and get them and bring them to our house. They are worried since there are tree limbs on their roof and they do not know if it caused any damage. They are also supposed to be flying to California on Tuesday to have Christmas with Jeremy's family. They are concerned they may not be able to get there. They called American Airlines to see if they could get a weather related change in flights but they said no and the change fee is exhorbitant. Our cable was out at home so we had no internet and the ice covered our satellite receiver so we had no TV. I have internet here at the hospital so I was the go between for news and used the internet to look things up like the phone number for the airlines.. When Teresa went out to walk the dog and get Kimberly and her family this morning we realized that we had many tree limbs down at our house as well. There are limbs on the roof as well and we can't tell if there is any damage from that. My son John's girlfriend goes to Illinois College(Here in Jacksonville) and he called to say that her power was out also. We invited her over to the house. As of this writing, I am not sure if she took us up on it or not. Unfortunately, this afternoon, we also lost power. We have a generator that we have in the garage but usually I run it with my older sons. With me here and them at school, there is no one with experience to use it. The manual is lost and we had trouble trying to start it. I looked for a manual online but it is too old. It is very hard to try and help someone start a machine that they have never used when you try and do it over the phone. I finally found an 800 number for them to try. As of this writing, I still do not know if they ever got the generator going or if our power is back on. They are trying to conserve their cell phone batteries. Our regular phones usually require power but we can run a line from the basement to an old analog phone so I will be calling them later.

It looks like we may get another ice storm tomorrow and schools have already been cancelled so it looks like it will be more exciting at home than here. I expect my counts to be down but hopefully no other problems like infection or anything else. We will just have to wait and see what God has in store for my family tomorrow!

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