Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 20

Today was a much better day. My temperature was less than 100 all day. I am still having a hard time talking and my throat is still pretty sore, but no worse than yesterday. I am still eating. It just takes longer than usual. I am still able to do my walking. The bump on my head has gone down and the arm is about the same. I have no new injuries today. For those of you who read the blog yesterday and the comments, no Teresa did not hit me!! It may have been someone from room service though. I am still having trouble with the service. It took a couple of hours today to get my lunch again and that was only after we called down a second time.

My labs today actually showed that my hemoglobin went up! (Praise the Lord!!) My platelet count dropped from 50,000 to 29,000. Hopefully that is done dropping. My monocytes( another kind of white blood cell) went from 0 to 26.(Praise the Lord!!!) That is significant as they frequently come back right before the neutrophils. My neutrophil count went from 12 to 34. These are not large increases but they are starting to go up. Hopefully the trend is up. There is still a chance I can be home for Christmas if my temperature stays down and the upward trend continues!

Kim, Jeremy, Ian and all four of the boys came up to see me today. It was the first time since Thanksgiving I had seen David or Jon and it was the first time I saw Kim, Jeremy and Ian since their California trip. They surprised me by entering the room caroling and they brought decorations! I now have a Christmas tree in my room with lights on it, a neon Merry Christmas sign hanging from the ceiling, multiple window decals on my window, my door and even on a picture in the room, a large Christmas wreath and a stocking hanging on the wall. My IV pole is also decorated with garland. It was great to see them all again but it was hard for me because I really could not talk much and had to write notes.

Both of my doctors are off for the weekend. The doctors covering for them said I was improving and when my counts were good enough I could go home if my temperature is down. I will probably have to postpone my appointment in Chicago for a week because it is taking longer than expected for my counts to get better.

I continue to appreciate all your prayers. God may still see to it that I am home for Christmas!
If not, my family says they will bring Christmas to me. Looks like I win either way!


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