Monday, December 17, 2007

Chemo Round 2 Day 15

Today was not as good a day as I have been having. During the night I developed a much worse sore throat. It feels like I might have a sore at the back of my tongue. During the day today my temperature went up to about 101 degrees. The doctor started me on antibiotics after that. With the fever, I did not feel as good. I napped much of the afternoon. I felt bad to sleep while Teresa was here, but I know she understands. We got a few things done, so it was not a totally wasted day. I had a chest Xray done that looked fine and had some blood cultures done as well. I was also seen by Dr. Malone, an ENT doctor. He saw me last time when I first came in. He looked in my mouth and thinks I might have a yeast infection in my mouth and started me on oral and IV antibiotics. This evening, I feel better but my temperature went up to 102.3

My absolute neutrophil count was 20 today and my platelet count was down to 19,000. I also had a little blood in my throat and a little from the nose. I was given platelets to prevent any further problems. I have not seen any more blood since.

Jon is due in town Wednesday morning and I was originally going to be the one who picked him up. That does not look likely now. We will just have to see how God's plan works out. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We will keep you in ours.


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